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First gift made to the Prophet (saw) after migration

March 22nd, 2006

Zaid ibn Thabit (ra) narrates that

“the first gift made to the Messenger of Allah after he took up residence in the home of Abu Ayyub, was brought to him by myself. It was a big wooden bowl filled with bread crumbled up with milk and butter. I told him that my mother had sent him the bowl. He commented “may Allah bless her”. Then he called over his companions and they ate. Then a wooden bowl came from saa’d ibn ubada. It was bread mixed with meat gravey. Zaid ibn Thabit then says “not an evening went by without there being at the door of the messenger of Allah three or four people who would come one after the other carrying food. He remained there at the home of Abu Ayyub for seven months”.

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