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Google Maps Qibla Locator

March 6th, 2006

Qibla locatorI’ve been working on a little project utilizing the google maps api to make a Qibla direction locator. It works almost exactly like google maps except that it displays an overlay pointing towards the Qibla. The direction in degrees from true North is also given at the bottom of the page. Another nifty feature is a map-in-map view much like pic-in-pic view found on most new TV sets. As this is pretty much a work in progress, I’m sure you’ll notice many bugs. Please do let me know.

Head on out and take a look for your self. Be sure to leave your comments.

Note: May not work on Safari



March 6th, 2006
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Today was Alhamdulillah a good day. Not that I’m complaining about the other days but today was special because I finally got word from my lawyer that my work permit was approved. Alhamdulillah, such a relief. It’s still going to take about a couple of weeks for me to receive it in the mail. Till then, it’s job hunting time!


Ahlan wa Sahlan! Welcome!

February 26th, 2006
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Welcome to my my new blog. I just recently bought a domain name and a hosting plan from for an incredible price. I get tons of bandwidth and loads of space to store stuff online. If you’re looking to buy a domain host, let me know as I get you a good deal with them.

I’ll be adding a lot of stuff on the site in the near future. So be sure to come back and visit often.