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Amazing way to make the front page of DIGG

May 19th, 2006

diggDigg is all the rage these days with everyone trying to make it to the front page to try and get more traffic to their sites. I’m a huge fan of Digg myself, visiting the site atleast 20 times a day. When digg started, the topics that made to the front page seemed to be very diverse but I have to say that nowadays things seem to be getting a bit repetitive. The stories making to to front page seem to do more and more with a handful of topics that are getting somewhat tiring.

After spending a little bit of time I came up with a list of things one has to do or the topics one can write about to make it to the front page. This is by no means a sure shot way but it does seem to have worked from what the numbers show.

  1. Add “AMAZING” to the title (more than 20 pages in the past 60 days)
  2. Apple related(25 in the past 2 days)
  3. Google related(10 in past 2 days)
  4. Gaming Consoles (PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 combined) related (28 in past 2 days)
  5. AJAX (5 in past 2 days)
  6. Firefox (3 in past 2 days)
  7. A “howto” for just about anything (23 in the last month)
  8. CSS related

Try it out for yourself. See how far you get. But don’t submit any junk articles. I’m sure you’ll get much more than the usual 8 – 12 Diggs I’ve previously gotten.
Digg if you agree.

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